10 MYTHS About Graphic Design

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10 MYTHS About Graphic Design


MYTH #01.)


“This perhaps is the biggest fallacy of all. Being a graphic designer is a lifestyle. It is less about mumbo jumbo and is more about being able to express a feeling visually. For this, we must live and breathe art and design. We must study extensively and research before presenting a design proposal to a client. We need to understand who your are, what you do, and why you’re passionate about that before touching the computer.

Moreover, we need to be well-rounded sociable people with the ability to appreciate ideas from all sorts of people, and many different walks of life (from hip-hop to rock influences, geeks, nerds, and gamers… big/fat/tall/small…nice/mean/and anything in between).

A little more insight: Graphic designers love to deal in ideas, thoughts, and dreams…and we use the tools in reality to produce the actual end product–your design. A great graphic designer is a great listener, interprets your ideas well, and effectively brings those thoughts into the visual world.

In order to effectively bring any dream or idea into the visual world, a great graphic designer also needs to know their tools well. The more visually appealing the end result is, the greater possibility that designer knows their stuff.

Expert designers will not only thread the line between your idea, and what actually looks good (because some ideas just don’t come out well in reality), but they will also balance a great design with preparing your finished product for future handlers of those files. Some of these folks are the professional printer people, embroiderers, clothing professionals, web programmers, and other future designers who handle the stuff graphic designers make for you.” (edited for clarity)

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