Michael Barnes

Founder & CEO

Hey everybody,
This experience has taken me on quite an adventure. I’m proud to see CFDesigns develop products and services that alot of people (and businesses) enjoy. Send me an email, I’ll be happy to take on your project today!

CFDesigns: Origins

Contemporary Fantasy Designs

In the beginning, Contemporary Fantasy Designs, LLC (CFDesigns) was a mere dream. An idea that started to gain momentum the more Founder & CEO, Michael Barnes realized the company’s true potential. Starting out as a grunt designer on one of the most popular video game franchise fan sites in that games support-circle, he honed his skills by providing those fans with small banner designs and animations, and eventually became well known for his design style in that community. In the midst of his ascension into staff-hood on that same fan site, he took the pursuit of his dream to the next level. Seeking to quench his thirst for designing technically sound fantasy art, he showed impressive skill in college by picking up on contemporary art styles, and graduated a well sought after freelance graphic designer as a result.

It doesn’t stop there however; while existing from the college life, Michael began working briefly for company’s such as Omaha Nightlife, Oriental Trading Company, and where he spent most of his immediate time after college, the Boy Scouts of America (Mid-America Council). Designing everything from simple email banners and boy scout badges, brochures and business cards, to bigger projects such as being responsible for marketing schemes, annual booklets, and everything inbetween. The most notable product he produced while there was their biggest regional event, a 3.5 million dollar project, The Boy Scouts Popcorn Campaign.

As with many freelance designers, Michael continued to acquire multiple projects locally. What gave him the competitive edge was his relationships in the business world, and his aggressive approach towards completing projects with the highest quality available. Some of these projects were such as; The Omaha Riverfront Jazz & Blues Festival, The 100 Black Men of Omaha’s Men of Honor Gala, multiple local political campaigns, and a plethora of small and mid-sized business projects. The unique quality about all this is that he managed to maintain all these relationships while always asking for more.

Contemporary Fantasy Designs (CFDesigns) was officially founded in 2011 and is committed to helping great ideas become visible for a person or business through visual communications. We provide a positive understanding of art and technical design that is both professional and entertaining. Drawing inspiration from the limitless possibilities of a dream, we achieve excellence by delivering quality first, and consistently exceeding customer expectations.