Professional Design Work

Meet CFDesigns

Contemporary Fantasy Designs is a graphic design, marketing and entertainment company. We specialize in digital design-work that includes various professional niche’s such as; logo, business card, brochure, flyer & web design. As well as stylized versions of different clothing designs, book creation (creative writing and all types of art styles), digital and physical banners, and designs for any other digital or printable materials like 3D art, short videos or commercials.

Our mission and motto is “Designing Today’s Dreams!” Contact us and let’s turn your dream into reality!

Hey everybody, This experience has taken me on quite an adventure. I’m proud to see CFDesigns develop products and services that a lot of people (and businesses) enjoy. Send me an email, I’ll be happy to take on your project today!
Michael Barnes

Founder, CEO & Creative Director

Michael Barnes

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Why this mission?

Have you ever noticed that a really great idea will stick with us until it becomes real? Often times, we hear that the inspiration for a new idea came from a profound epiphany or a vivid dream. This is the playground where ideas thrive! CFDesigns is here to help bring your ideas to life!

Design Process

Step One: Getting Started

Let’s talk! A great conversation goes a long way in helping to flesh out your ideas. We like to have an hour consultation before we start working for you.


Step Two: Things In Motion

Once we have set clear benchmarks and a goal for completion, the work begins! This is the period of time where mock ups (or “drafts”) may be produced and shown to you. One of the great parts of this aspect of the design process is that you get to see our progress and make adjustments in real-time!


Step Three: Special Delivery

Results are in! After everything has been looked over and you’ve given the big thumbs up, your designs are finalized and delivered to you per industry standard. Most times these will be vector files like .Ai or .EPS, or other file types such as .JPG, .GIF, .PNG or .PDF. It all depends on what your special project requires.


Do you simply need a logo? Cool. Or,  do you need an entire company brand created with product designs, a book written for you with exterior and interior art, a website and a whole marketing strategy? You’re in the right place for sure! Fill out the form below to give us an idea of the designs you would like us to create for you.