What is graphic design?
Graphic design is the art or skill of combining text and pictures in advertisements, magazines, or books. More than that, graphic design is a job like any other. It requires trained skill (whether formal or informal), tools such as computer software, and at least a healthy dose of talent to make your ideas come to life effectively.
What exactly does CFDesigns sell?
Primarily, we sell identity design. Identity design is the logo, business cards, brochures, and marketing schemes that gives your company or independent event a face for your customers to identify with. An impressive identity means you become more attractive, and when you become more attractive, then you can build an effective brand. As such, the work we create helps you move closer to your goals, and although it is difficult to measure, the aim is to boost your profits through improving how attractive you are to your ideal customer.
What if I’m not a company?
Not to worry, we have you covered! Many of our clients are independent individuals who may just want a cool design for an event, or for personal use. Smaller projects include such items as; non-web based banners, t-shirt designs, flyers, family crests, other novelty items, and more.
The Costs
How much does it cost to work with CFDesigns?
Costs varies depending on the needs of each client. We’re happy to provide a quote once we know more about your ideas.
Mr or Miss so and so charges less. Does CFDesigns price-match?
We rely more on market data than “the flavor of the day” so, while we do offer special sales pricing, coupons, or discount codes for customers to take advantage of, we do not offer price-matching. CFDesigns values quality.
How much time will it take to complete my project?
Time frames vary from client to client depending on what the project is, what happens at the benchmarks during the design process, and the desired deadlines. We encourage you to ask based on the item or package you have ordered.


Design Process
Can you make my design look similar to a trendy or pre-existing design style?
Sure… Although, the idea is more about standing out than blending in with the crowd, correct? CFDesigns fully aware of the appeal and attraction to whatever the trendy design-styles of the day happen to be. However, we prefer to create original materials.
Can you start right away??

Yes! CFDesigns has the capacity to handle multiple projects simultaneously. Keeping in line with quality as a high priority, this is great news for you if you need something completed in relatively short time-frames. All the while, we will not jeopardize jeopardize the quality of your end product.

What does the process involve?

CFDesigns likes a comprehensive 3-5 step process. Here’s a quick overview of what typically happens:

The Meeting
The meeting typically consists of understanding your aspirations for your business or idea. There is a Q&A session where we will grab basic information and content from you, a brainstorming portion of the meeting where simple sketches may be drawn up on paper, and a conclusion where contractual formalities and the initial payment is taken care of. This allows everyone involved to get a clear vision of what is to happen next, understand how benchmarks, payment schedules, and how communicating with each-other will work henceforth.

It is essential that we understand not only you as a person, but also your business, and the marketplace that your business competes in. CFDesigns does it’s homework here to understand where your company is currently, and where you want to drive your company next after its new identity has been created. Taken into account are such criteria as your company’s competitors, market trends, product or service differences between you and your competitors, the history of the business, the current brand, and what you want the brands end goal to look like.

The presentation
We’ve found that the best way to present the progress made during the design process, and simultaneously indicate a benchmark (stopping point) is by using digital mock-ups (mock-ups are realistic visual examples of what your designs will look like. examples of this are such as a brochure or business card sitting on a table etc.). Then, those are sent off to the client to consider and prepare feedback based on how well the designs in the mockups accomplish the original ideas. Soon after that is the portion of the process where we’d make revisions to the design based on the clients feedback. We want to make sure we’re headed in the right direction.

Delivery & Finalization
Deliveries are made via email and/or made available for download. Depending on the medium for which the designs will be used, specific file-type requests can be made and accommodated. Our commitment doesn’t end once a client pays the final installment, however. Should any design-related questions come up, email Michael or our general inbox for answers.

Printing & other Exit needs
At this point we can help with printing needs, or any design related issue that might arise. CFDesigns will also go the extra mile here and check back with our clients to insure everything is on the up and up.

What exactly do I receive during the course of the project?
Our clients typically receive mock-ups or a PDF presentation showcasing their options. Receiving a presentation like these is also a solid indication of reaching a benchmark. Which helps manage expectations throughout the design process, and keeps everyone focused on the goal.


Loose Ends
You’re in a different city or state than me. Will this affect how the process works?
CFDesigns started out as a virtual company, heavily reliant on digital means for transferring data and materials. As such, this hasn’t adversely affected any projects. We enjoy meeting face-to-face but, we’ve found that talking on the phone, using social media sites, and utilizing email can save everyone lots of time (and money) that would otherwise be spent traveling to and from meetings.
Can CFDesigns take care of printing and s&h for me?

Yes we can! We have relationships with these major shipping companies;

How do you accept payment?

With larger projects we require a 50% down payment prior to beginning the work. This is payable by check, bank transfer, or PayPal (other options considered upon request). The remaining 50% can be sorted out through payment arrangements. We offer an option that allows clients to take care of their remaining balance during the design process at the scheduled benchmarks. Final payment is due prior to delivery of the final artwork.

Smaller projects are treated similar to buying a meal through drive-through. Meaning, you order your item in the beginning, then you pay, then you get your finished product at the end. Although yes, the wait to receive your final product is a bit longer than at your local fast food restaurant, the system is easily recognizable and works flawlessly.

What if I am not happy with my design? How do revisions work?

CFDesigns is so awesome that you’ll always love every design we produce!

Well, that’s the idea anyway. But, in the event that things don’t go as planned, we typically allocate 3 free edits during the design process. Exceeding those three revisions accrues a simple revision/edit fee per edit. In situations where the completed project is undesirable are client and project specific, and CFDesigns may issue extra designs or refunds to make sure customer satisfaction is met. Email Michael for details.