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Style & Color

The grunge style and dark colors were all the rage at the time and fit the themes of the popular Mortal Kombat gaming franchise. Naturally then, the most popular fan site on the web wanted the new design to embody as much of that as possible to appeal to its visitors. All while maintaining it’s unique brand identity. They wanted ‘Version 8 (V8)’ to look ‘related’ to the games, not be a copycat.

“The staff over at MKO were very careful about their design direction. They wanted a clear update with more room to grow in future updates.”
Michael Barnes
Founder of CFDesigns

Web Design BreakDown

Long-long ago, there was no such thing as WordPress, or any of the other web design platforms that we use today. As much as I enjoy all the technological advancements of the era we’re in now, there was great pride in creating things from scratch  back in the day. When I redesigned this website, part of the deliverables came with an assumed-requirement to show my work. It was commonplace to give your client different pallets and mock ups such as the ones shown in the carousel below. Click each image and zoom in to see how I thought my way through this design process.

Collateral Materials

‘Collateral Materials’ are the design-items that are tied to your company that help make your brand more recognizable to the audience that you are trying to service. Below are a few different types of these items in the form of; logos, avatars, signatures, flyers and banners. The completely ‘fake’ Mortal Kombat Online movie poster was the first piece in this series, that ultimately convinced the MKO Staff Members to become my client. 😉

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